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Click for Kish Island, Iran Forecast
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The Ancient Town of Harireh

For those who are interested in the history of Iran in general, and in the history of Iranian islands in the Persian Gulf in particular, a visit to the ancient town of Harireh is a must. Harireh is most probably the town that the renowned Iranian poet, Sa'adi, has referred to in his book 'The Rose Garden'. There are references in the works of Iranian and Arab historians to the location of the town on the island. These say that the town was situated in the middle of the northern part, precisely where the ruins are standing today.

A tour of Harireh can give the visitor a chance at imagining the ancient times of Iran. Then a short stroll over to Derakht-e-Sabz (Green Tree) Park will provide a chance at relaxation in the tranquil atmosphere.



     The minarets of Khatamol-Anbia Mosque penetrate high in to the sky. The Mosque overlooks the sea and the combination produces one of Kish's magnificent religious buildings. It is located in the Saffain District and has its own library. The congregational Friday prayers are held in this mosque.

     The Amir Al-Momenin Mosque is an ancient building. It was restored and renovated in 1991 by the Cultural Heritage Organization of Iran. This mosque is situated in Masheh District.

      Another old and beautiful mosque, recently renovated, is the Jameh Nour Mosque. The architecture is a synergy of Iranian and Islamic art. This mosque is also located in Saffain District and is used by the sunnis.

     In addition, there are three other existing mosques and several more are under construction.


Sunset by the Greek Ship

     An attraction for the romantics is watching the sunset by the Greek Ship. Viewers cannot help but be mesmerized by the rainbow that appears when the sun begins to go down. No tourist has bypassed the chance to witness this natural phenomenon. It is as if the sun here is different from he sun seen elsewhere. It is said that many years ago, a Greek cargo ship approached Kish for unknown reasons. It ran aground and was unable to leave. The name of the ship was Kula F. It is a mountain of steel; behind which the sun hides and in the moonlight it looks like a floating giant.

Old tales say that absence of lighthouse was the reason the ship ran aground. Apparently all attempts to float it again were fruitless and failed. And now that there is nothing left of it but a huge steel structure, the tale seems to be true.
Near the ship, a rest area has been set up and refreshments are served there. Overall, it can provide an unforgettable experience for all. This spot seems to be a favorite of the young generation.


 Coast of Kish

   Since there is no dangerous shark in the sea , people can enjoy the water without any danger threatening them . It should be noted that the sharks which are some times seen in the Kish coasts , feed on small fishes and are therefore no threat to people swimming there . Kish coast is one of the exceptional coasts suitable for aquatics both in winter and summer.

Donya road (The World road)

      The Donya road is an island ring road that covers all around the island. Along the road 25 pieces of land have been designated to the counties of the mainland in order for them to exhibit their handicrafts and products. Furthermore, a piece of land at the opposite side of the road of each county's exhibition has been dedicated to a neighboring country. At night the Donya road is recognizable from the flights to Kish and looks shining around the island.



     The topography o the Island is such that the surface water flows to a certain part in the north called the Portuguese Valley . Therefore , the area is naturally vegetated and one of the Island's oldest lour trees is there . Around this tree the Derakht-e-Sabz Park has been created.

     The verdant area, the buildings and wooden pavements and fences remind one of the Caspian Sea coast . But what attracts tourists to this spot is the size of this mythical tree.

     The cloths tied to this tree give it a sacred aura and that is the exactly what some people believe .No one knows how this belief was formed and who were the first people to tie the first knots around the branches . Its interesting to know that the native people do not believe in the sacredness of this very old tree and say that , most probably , visitors and the new residents of the Island are the ones who promoted this idea.

     The Derakht-e-Sabz Park adjacent to the historical town of Harireh, Providing a pleasant atmosphere for the visitors to Harireh to relax and rest.


Daneshvaran Park

     This park has been extsblished to commemorate contemporary Iranian scientists and prominent figures.The statues of some of them including Dr. Mahmood Hesabi, have been erected.

Gazelles (Ahovan) Park

     In this park, a variety of animals such as lions, foxes, monkeys, as well as many pelicans, swans and peacocks are kept inside fences. Some gazelles freely frequent in the area and the name of Ahovan takes from that. After gazelles protection plans, enforced by K.F.Z.O, the number of them increased to 200 gazelles.


Horseback Riding Club

     This club is situated in the northern part of the island next to the Olympic Complex. Besides stables and tracks for different purposes, there is also a veterinary clinic.


     One of the world's longest cycling tracks in Kish. It is 73 km. Long encircling the island. Cycling in Kish is fun all year round. Public cycling events are arranged regularly by KFZO in a bid to encourage use of bicycles.

      Bikes are available for rent in a number of spots across the island such as next to the Recreational Dock and Marjan Bazaar. A family cycling tour of the island can be a memorable one


Recreational Docks

     There is a special club next to Shayan Hotel that provides all sorts of equipment for water sports. Tourists and residents alike can rent glass-bottom boats for a view of underwater life.


The Shores of Kish

     The coral beaches of Kish sparkle in the sunlight. This is something, which the sandy beaches of many resort areas around the world do not offer. The seawater near the beach is crystal clear and one can see the bottom of the sea up to a far distance. This is, of course, due to the corals around the island, which purify the water.

     Relative to its area, Kish has one of the longest beach stretches. Unlike the crowded beaches elsewhere, the beach here is a relaxing and peaceful place.

     The fish and other marine life in the coastal waters of Kish are very unique. Visitors loose track of time when watching these species which are easily visible. At the same time, the best quality edible fish is caught here. The coastal waters of Kish are among the safest in the world. There are no sharks and swimming is totally safe. Tourists can use this beach and enjoy the sun and water all year round.

Women-only Swimming Section

Swimming in the crystal-clear waters of Kish is very refreshing. A women-only swimming section has been created in the island. Swimming is an all-year-round activity in Kish.

Exclusive Swimming Resort for Foreign Nationals

     This swimming resort has been located on the eastern coast of the Island with a beautiful panorama close to the exquisite coral cliffs. Tourists preferably use this spot for scuba diving. Foreign nationals and their family members can use this swimming resort after they have made necessary coordination with the Kish Tourism Development institute.


     Although men can use the beaches almost all over the island, because of its good facilities, "Bashgah e Daryai" (the Marine Club) is a favorite place for swimming. The beach is situated at northeast of the island and has public transport as well. Instructors are available for either private or group swimming lessons.

     Fresh water showers and buffet are other facilities here. The beach is a sand beach and the sea deepens slowly outwards which makes deep swimming possible. Other facilities are jet-ski, water ski, parachuting, sailing and scuba diving.

Facilities for the Youth

     Lots of recreational facilities have been set up for children and the youth. These include: car tracks, train ride around Venus Bazaar, tennis courts and amusement center. The latest computer games have been installed in the amusement center.

Glider Flying

     Training classes have been set up for those interested in flying gliders. This has been accomplished in collaboration with the Civil Aviation Organization of the country. Recently the first class of trainees obtained their licenses.



Qanat, Subterranean aqueduct that includes a network of wells& tunnels to bring out water from under-ground is the secret in the heart of Kish. It is unique in the world. The temp. inside is 22-25'C throughout the year. There are plans to build modern & traditional restaurants, museum, etc. in the tunnels.



It is a well known water reserver in Kish, In order to use the water, should dowon ward sloping stair ways were built by the ancient inhaditants about 2000 years ago. Five payabs have been identified.

One been repaired and serves as a restaurant and tea house and it is located in the olympic village.


Glass-bottomed boats

     Riding glass-bottomed boats is a convenient way to watch the unique Kish underwater world.

     Tourists and residents can enjoy watching the coral reefs in the boats which are in the recreational jetty. The boats are equipped with spotlights which afford clear viewing up to a reasonable depth at nights.


Dolphin park (Wooden Park)

Thousands of palm tree have been planted there. Butter flies, Exotic birds, Cactus and silk gardens, world of orcids,


Marjan Beach Park

     This park connects the Marjan Shopping Mall to the beach. The beautiful arbours and landscaping in the beach park makes it an attractive place for visitors.


Scuba Diving

     Diving is an ideal sport in kish because of the exquisite coral reefs and rare fish species.

     The Kish Diving School offers also Padi courses with certificate for divers. Interested tourists can experience the world of underwater and its wonders.


Water Sports

     The water Sports Club began operation in 1997. It was a joint venture between the Institute for Promotion of Tourism and the private sector. This club is one of the best equipped clubs of its kind in Iran: Jet skis, water skis, Kites, scuba diving equipment, fishing boats, sail boats, wind surfing boards, etc.


The Reptile Exhibition

     Here, over 100 reptiles are showcased. Huge boas, African and Amazonian pythons, Madagascar crocodiles, The African black emperor scorpion, the Thai flying snake, huge Brazilian bird-eating spiders are among the collection.

     A trip to the Art Center, located south of Ahovan Park, will take you there. This exhibition is to be transferred to another location in the park in the near future. Also in the Art Center, extensive facilities have been provided for holding exclusive art exhibitions.


The Aquarium

     Aquatic life in the Persian Gulf is diverse. The clear water along the beach gives tourists an easy view of the variety of fish species, some of which are very interesting. You can even take a ride in a glass-bottom boat and see the fish that swim a little further away from the shore. The Kish aquarium is located within the Art Center displaying a variety of unique marine species of the Persian Gulf. If you don't scuba dive to get a first hand view of the natural habitat of the colorful fish, a visit to the aquarium will be the alternative. We recommend that all tourists, especially children and the youth, take the time to visit the aquarium.


Traditional Market

Qanat Traditional market has been established...


Kish Climate

     The weather in Kish island is warm and humid. The average temperature is 27C and rarely surpasses 32C. July and August are the hottest months and the temperature reaches its lowest in January and February -- providing the most favorable climate for the residents of the island. The lowest temperature never falls blew 3C and that can be expected only a few days in the winter . So, certain seasons make a trip to Kish even more pleasant, and while it is cooler and humidity is less, the sea water is still warm.

     Meteorological studies on Kish indicate that the weather begins to cool down in late September and the trend continues until April when it is most favorable.

     Kish has a low precipitation. Therefore, the island’s vegetation can withstand heat and does not depend much on water. In spite of the low precipitation, humidity - as in other Persian gulf littoral states - is relatively high due to the region’s special climactic conditions. Humidity sets in late March and gradually rises over the next 9 months. At certain times, particularly in the late summer, the humidity level rises so high that in early mornings, one can see dew on the island’s vegetation and impermeable surfaces of rocks - as if the island has been washed by a night time rainfall.

      The climactic data and information indicate that Kish has warm weather with a relatively high percentage of humidity. it is concluded from the data that the average annual temperature is about 26-27C. July and August are the hottest months of the year and January and February are the coolest.

     The average maximum temperature has been recorded above 30C and the average minimum at 21C . The absolute maximum temperature has registered to be 49C and the minimum 2-7C in November and January. Monthly temperature difference in the Persian Gulf, including Kish , is lower than in the mainland’s plateau and mountains.

      During winter time, most parts of the Persian Gulf experience north- westerly wind drifts, but in the southern part, the wind’s direction is mainly from the west. In the Strait of Hormoz, it changes to south - westerly. Mild to moderate monsoon winds blow from the north-west during this season.
During summer, monsoon winds in the northern part of the Gulf blow from the north-west to the south where in some areas 5 to 6 Knots have been recorded. Monsoon winds begin to change to wind and showers in September.

     Relative humidity is fairly high all year round but differs according to time of the day and the season. The relativehumidity along the coastline is higher than the city, but that is no reason for more rain in the shores. Precipitation on Kish is scant and varies as in other parts of the Persian Gulf. Rainy season in this area is between late October and late April. Winds bring rain bearing clouds to the area 3 to 6 times on the average. Rainfall during fall and spring occurs mainly in the form of thunder showers, whereas in the winter, it drizzles.
The average annual precipitation on Kish island, based on the 1965-75 experience, is 150.7 mm -- 82% of which occurs during winter, about 15% during fall, and the rest during spring and summer.


No entry visa to Kish

     Foreign nationals need no visa at the authorized arrival and departure points of Kish Island.

      At Kish international airport the officials will just stamp your passport , which allows you to stay up to 14 days on the Island.


Kish, a gateway to the mainland Iran

     Kish Island acts as a gateway to connect you to the mainland Iran with its world of attractions.
In case you wish to visit other parts of Iran , please contact the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Kish office:

Ferdous villas, Complex No.2,Ferdousi st ., Kish Island , Iran

Tel: (+ 98 764) 4420734
Fax: (+ 98764) 4420234

     Tourist visas Will be granted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Kish office within 48 working hours. (Thursdays and Fridays are holidays). Kish has an international airport and there are many flights from the Island to the major cities of the mainland .
There are many daily flights to Tehran. Also, Kish international airport has some direct flights to Dubai and Sharjah


Tourist Information

     Kish Island is surrounded by soft golden beaches, palm trees and crystal clear waters, in a place where time moves imperceptibly. The island offers relaxation combined with adventure in a destination that is unspoiled by commercialization, with its refreshing natural beauty and the unsophisticated life style of its people still very much intact.

     Kish Island is a resort island lapped by the sheltered waters of coral-edged lagoons, home to many of the world's spices of reef fish. Snorkeling in the Kish Island is amongst the best in the world, whilst scuba diving offers an even more spectacular insight of life beneath in waters.

      Kish Island lies like a pearl across the turquoise waters of the Persian Gulf and is a heaven of peace and tranquility fringed by sandy beaches and coral reefs vivid with colorful fish.

For the diving enthusiasts the island has its own PADI/SSI Dive Center.

     A variety of other water sports are also available. Jet-skiing, sailing, fishing, parasailing, reef walking, coral viewing, boating and water skiing are just a few popular ways to spend the time and enjoy yourself during your visit to the Island.

     These are just few reasons that have turned Kish Island into a popular holiday destination in the region. All together, Kish Island offers a stunning variety of cultures, scenery, sports, duty-free shopping and entertainment.

     Hotels provide every comfort, shops offer an enormous variety of goods, and superb food is served in establishments ranging from country inn to elegant restaurants.

      It is not surprising that Kish Island attracts visitors from all over Middle East, and increasingly nowadays, from other countries around the world. The Sunshine Island has a climate that allows visitors to enjoy its attractions to the full and Kish really does have something for everyone, no matter what they may seek from a holiday.


Taxi & Car Rental

     The road system in Kish Island is modern, well-lit and easily navigated by car. Public transportation is reliable. Rental cars are available at numerous locations. Air-conditioned taxis are readily available at major hotels or taxi stands. Their drivers are often literate but may not speak English. An international driving license is acceptable.

Kish Yellow Cab Services : 6000 Rials
Rent A Car agencies renting modern and brand new cars for 200,000 to 300,000 Iranian Rials per day.


Drinking Water and Electricity Voltage

     Drinking water of the Island is produced by desalinizators through RO and MED systems. Therefore, one can take water from water tabs for drinking. However, mineral and natural waters are sold in bottles, too. One should be careful that water for irrigation is not potable.

     Kish Island power generators are generating 220 volts with 60Hz.


Medical Treatment and Medicine on Kish Island

     There are one general hospital, 2 clinics and several pharmacies on Kish Island. Kish General Hospital, with general practitioners and specialists in different fields, is working day and night


Kish International Airport

     Kish international airport is open round the clock. One can fly from Kish Island to capital city Tehran and almost to all centers of the provinces of the Islamic Rep. Of Iran, including, Isfahan, Shiraz, Mash’hand, and Bander Abbas, every day. There are daily regular flights from Kish international airport to UAE and visa versa.


Business Hours

     Business hours of the international shopping malls: The malls are open from 09:00 to 13:00 and in the afternoons from 17:00 to 23:00(all days of the week).


Important Phone Numbers
Kish Airport 4422100, 4422460
Airport Passport Office 4422640
Kish Airline 4423517, 4422030 TEH: 4665222-30
Airport Exchange Center 4422460
Karaneh Taxi Service, Rent a Car 4421211, Cellular Ph: 09347695208
Kish Hospital 4422811, 4422211
Bank Melli Iran 4422481-2
Pardis Exchange Center 4424647
Shygan Hotel 0098-764-4422444
Shygan Hotel Tehran Office 0098-218436348-9
Kish Free Zone Organization, Kish 4422434, 5
Tourism Organization, Tehran +98-21-8797480
Tourist Affairs Office of Kish Tourism 4424423
Iran Code 0098
Kish Island (Code) 0764
Kish Cellular Phone (Code) 0914769
Police 110
Archeological Discoveries

     For many visitors of Kish it is hard to believe that this island was once very prosperous and that it was one of the main commercial centers of its time. It was the hub of exchanges between China, Europe and northern Africa. Although the archeological excavations carried out there have not been extensive, yet one can see signs of the past in each and every corner, reminiscent of the glory of the time. Nevertheless, some ancient finds have been unearthed in the course of construction works or small-scale excavations. The valuable collection is now on display for the public at the Art Center of the island.

     These include Iranian and foreign coins relating to different eras; copper, bronze and clay vessels; early Islamic era manuscripts in Kufic writing; grove stones and a cannon.

      Local guides can provide tourists with detailed information about the finds and the history of the island. A visit to the Art Center will provide researchers with a new opportunity to study the region's history and to document the significance of Iranian islands in the Persian Gulf even during the ancient times

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